Care Instructions

Rina Tairo Jewellery is meticulously handcrafted in the United Kingdom by our team of expert artisans, created with attention to detail and delicate accuracy using only the earth's finest materials. We cherish each piece that leaves our workshop and we hope that you will treat your chosen pieces with the same love and care that went into bringing them to you. 

To keep your Rina Tairo Jewellery beautiful for many years to come, please remove our rings when washing your hands or when using abrasive chemicals that can damage precious metals and stones. Please limit contact with abrasive surfaces, as this may cause the appearance of unintentional surface scratches. Please also store your Rina Tairo Jewellery in the provided packaging and not in direct contact with other jewellery to avoid abrasion.

Rina Tairo Care

If any problems are ever to occur to your cherished pieces we are proud to provide assistance and care for all of our creations. We are always happy to be reunited with old pieces for maintenance/polishing/cleaning and in the majority of cases this is a complimentary service at no cost to the owner(with the exception of pieces that require replacement stones etc to be sourced)

Simply contact us and we will be happy to assist you.