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Octavia Small Gold PendantOctavia Small Gold Pendant
Octavia Small Gold Pendant Sale priceFrom £520.00
Element PendantElement Pendant
Element Pendant Sale priceFrom £510.00
Sointu  Pendant
Sointu Pendant Sale price£1,350.00
Kaisla Three Leaf Necklace
Kaisla Three Leaf Necklace Sale price£1,200.00
Memory Knot Pendant With Diamond HighlightMemory Knot Pendant With Diamond Highlight
Diamond Melt PendantDiamond Melt Pendant
Diamond Melt Pendant Sale price£980.00
Wave NecklaceWave Necklace
Wave Necklace Sale price£8,200.00
Australian Opal And Emerald PendantAustralian Opal And Emerald Pendant
Eclipse Lime Quartz PendantEclipse Lime Quartz Pendant
Eclipse Lime Quartz Pendant Sale price£1,150.00
Eclipse White Diamond Orbit PendantEclipse White Diamond Orbit Pendant
Eclipse Black Diamond Orbit PendantEclipse Black Diamond Orbit Pendant
Eclipse Rose Quartz PendantEclipse Rose Quartz Pendant
Eclipse Rose Quartz Pendant Sale price£1,150.00
Eclipse Sapphire Orbit PendantEclipse Sapphire Orbit Pendant
Memory Knot Pendant With Emerald Highlight
Lumo Oval Pink Sapphire PendantLumo Oval Pink Sapphire Pendant
Lumo Oval Pink Sapphire Pendant Sale price£2,130.00
Small Lumo Oval Necklace
Small Lumo Oval Necklace Sale price£1,150.00
Lumo Evil Eye Pendant
Lumo Evil Eye Pendant Sale price£1,150.00
Antoinette Quartz Pendant
Antoinette Quartz Pendant Sale price£840.00
Antoinette  Blue Topaz Pendant
Antoinette Gold Lariat NecklaceAntoinette Gold Lariat Necklace
Antoinette Gold Lariat Necklace Sale price£1,875.00
Lumo Oval Diamond NecklaceLumo Oval Diamond Necklace
Lumo Oval Diamond Necklace Sale price£2,300.00
Kuutar Three Stone PendantKuutar Three Stone Pendant
Kuutar Three Stone Pendant Sale price£1,760.00
Memory Knot Pendant With Ruby Highlight
Memory Knot Pendant With Blue Sapphire Highlight
Memory Knot Pendant With Pink Sapphire Highlight
Antoinette Lariat Necklace
Antoinette Lariat Necklace Sale price£1,480.00
Antoinette  Smokey Quartz LariatAntoinette  Smokey Quartz Lariat
Antoinette Smokey Quartz Lariat Sale price£1,600.00
Taika Lace CollarTaika Lace Collar
Taika Lace Collar Sale price£5,950.00
Memory Knot NecklaceMemory Knot Necklace
Memory Knot Necklace Sale price£3,950.00