Launching her first Art Jewellery collections in 1989 her woven wood beading and caged glass designs resonated with the Australian Fashion scene, acquiring an immediate following and attention from stores and publications around Australia.



Rina and her husband celebrate the birth of their first child and open their first retail store in Toorak Road, Melbourne.


Sculpted Wood

Inspired by the beach lifestyle Rina created her Tribal wood collection.



Rina explores new materials, experimenting with crystal studded chains and fine beading. Launching several new collections in this 1920s inspired style.


Beaten Metal



Longing for the rich history and culture of Europe, Rina moves her family, operations and staff back to London.

Inspired by the change of scenery and looking forward to her baby girl her collections become more romantic.



The year begins with a baby girl on new years day, Rina's designs become more fluid and feminine as a result as she experiments with several new silver collections, taking heavy influence from her early textile work made possible by the malleability of silver.


Gossamer Silver

After her eldest son became mesmerised with the Finnish new years eve tradition of pouring molten pewter into water to tell the fortune for the coming year,  Rina experimented using this same concept with precious metals and so her new collection was born.

Incorporating the organic silver droplets into the woven silver method she had developed the year previously she released two new collections with the addition of evening bags in the same signature style. She later customised this collection in collaboration with Paul Smith Women.


Fashion Week



Rina designs her iconic droplet and dome woven rings and continues to refine this new woven method which she has since become well known for, this time incorporating solid gold with precious sapphires and rubies. 



After this decade of experimenting with various materials, methods and concepts Rina Tairo Jewellery has since moved in a direction of Fine Art Jewellery, refining the handcrafted methods Rina originally developed. Rina's designs have evolved with focus on the intricate details within each sculptural piece. Using only the finest materials of the earth her team of master craftsmen focus on careful workmanship and quality to create exclusive wearable pieces of art for women to express their inner femininity and elegant beauty.